Running With Swagger

Last night I had a great run of 4 miles with my best time yet. 48:35.  I realize it’s not a 10 minute mile which I would absolutely love if I could but it’s better than a 13 or 14 minute mile. But that’s not why I’m writing. Leading up to my run I was in a funk. I was grumpy and sort of tired. I wasn’t not wanting to run I was just taking my sweet precious time about getting it done.

So finally I made it out the door, dressed in my most comfortable/favorite short run running clothes once again just ready to get the run over with.  Mile 1, was okay I realized quickly that I didn’t have any residual soreness leftover from the marathon and that I wasn’t nearly as tired as I thought I was. Mile 2, nothing special going through the motions feeling like that second mile had grown like the way it feels like oatmeal grows when you’re eating it.  Mile 3, I realized I was feeling really good and I was comfortable. I was comfortable in my pace, in my shoes, and even in my clothes. I was just really comfortable. Then I sort of started laughing at myself because I thought of a song I had heard “Swagger Jagger.” It’s a pop tune but I was like, “yeah I’m running with some swagger!” Yeah, I really thought that, don’t judge! Finally Mile 4 feeling just as good as mile 3 only better because I was homeward bound!

What initially started off as just a chore turned into a fun 4 mile run.   It could be I was just cracking myself up regarding the whole swagger thing but it was still nice to get in a faster pace than I have been. Oh did I mention it was suppose to be a recovery run!  I like to think it was……….I recovered from my ill attitude!


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