Run For The Roses 5k=Good Times!!


It’s not often I just really pat myself on the back but man, after this weekend I am so proud of myself!! I don’t mean it in a braggy way but rather in a “I really needed that and thank you Jesus for letting me have it!”

It was a great race as always. It’s a small town but the whole town really participates and gets into it and that’s not something you can just make up. It’s a well monitored course with water at two different locations and very well marked.  It’s a first class race.  Registration is made easy and friendly and the refreshments at the end is very well stocked.  All the things you expect at race, it’s here.

As for myself,  Folks, I finished with a pace of 10:37 per minute mile!! I know this is not Boston material but realistically it’s my best 5k time in a LONG time.  It’s a huge plus mark in progress. It’s given me faith that I can still semi race.  I finished 7th in my age group and I belive there was 9 of us all together. 3rd place in my age group was 28:32 so that tells me for the most part I still have lot of work to do.

So what did I do differently than I’ve been doing?

1. I went there with the mindset that I NEEDED to go all out. I needed to know what I could really do.

2. I haven’t “raced” in a while. And if I have I was scared of a high heart rate so this time I changed my Garmin to where  all I saw was distance, average pace, and overall time.  So I didn’t care that I felt like I was one breath away from meeting my maker I didn’t want an 11 minute mile on that watch! Also, with my Garmin in regards to miles and knowing the course really helped. The course is relatively flat with several turns and then two tiny hills at mile 2.5 and 3 mile marker. It helped knowing that at the 2.75 mile  marker if you didn’t know there was a incline coming then a person could easily take off  and run out of gas way too soon.

With a good race in hand and  a huge smile on my face ( I think I’m still on a runners high to be honest, actually it was good fuel for the fire) I went home to get a celebratory smoothie to replenish my glycogen storage.  Then I went for a 14 mile bike ride and Sunday I met up with some friends for “recovery run.” Today (Monday) I’m feeling pretty good.  Legs feel good. I think taking in nutrients as soon as I did and staying active like I did really helped with a quick recovery. I’m really looking forward to my runs this week with another race this coming weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed because the course is predominately flat and is an out and back course.  Then, on the 28th I’m going to do a Duathlon.  So excited!!

If your interested in a really great article on recovery nutrition, this is one I particularly like………

The Runner’s Ultimate Nutritional Recovery Routine (RUNRR) You’ll be amazed at how good you feel the next day






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