Ramblin Runner

That’s me, a ramblin runner. Lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place with what I’m trying to do and how I get there.

So I guess I should point out what I want (in no particular order)

  • weight loss
  • running consistent miles with no walk breaks
  • running faster
  • bike more
  • get in more workouts that are more high-intensity interval bodyweight workouts
  • “dress for the job” in other, look like what I want to promote.

So what’s the problem? Everything is going accordingly BUT I love love love (did you get that, love) high-intensity workouts that require throwing some body weight around or even some heavy weight. My problem how do I fit i all in and not harm myself like I did two years ago.

Two years ago I was rockin it!  The last time I felt like I was where I wanted to be I was not only doing the WOD (workout of the day) I was heavy lifting,  training for a marathon and teaching a couple of classes at my gym as well. It was the first time in years I felt on fire.  I love exerting myself and feeling strong. It brings me alive.  It sounds dramatic I know but I would be downplaying it if I wasn’t totally honest. So my body said enough is enough and one day I know exactly when I did it, I deadlifted THE most weight I had ever lifted (220 I think) and then I turned around and did the WOD and ran 6 miles. Dumb Dumb Dumb. I know. Shortly thereafter I slowly started falling apart. I didn’t run for almost 6 months.

Running is most important. All the rest falls in line behind it. I guess I’m deathly afraid of overdoing it again. I’ve been doing a little bit of all of it but trying to delicately balance it. If I feel tired and worn out I listen to myself and lay off the heavy lifting. Before I refused to listen to myself If I felt tired and drained. I wrote it off to being just lazy if I felt exhausted. I know now  my body was screaming for some relief.  As I was saying, I’m trying and experimenting with scheduling but  I find that the best thing is reps. When It comes to the bodyweight/weighted workouts it’s in the reps for me. I say that because everyone is different and it may not be the case for someone else. Instead of worrying with getting in a set number of reps I’m just getting in the workout with a set time. When the timer goes off that’s it.  I don’t even write down my reps.

Until my base is stronger I’m just going to have to take this route.  Baby steps right?

Meanwhile this is where my motivation is coming from……………

BodyRock.TV (fabulous workouts, love their energy! )

Fierce Forward ( I just love her personality. Seems like such a sweet person. Blog is here also)

JNL (she’s just hot, enough said!)

Kelly Olexa (she vlogs mostly.  I love her passion for what she does.)

All these ladies (and some gents) love what they do and they portray that and for me, that’s what I need.  I know it’s going to take time but I’ve proven to myself time and time again a little patience and perseverance will get me a long ways.

Post Philadelphia Marathon


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