Oh My Back!

So almost 2 years after the great fail of lifting my back is still stiff and achy.  Some days I wake up and I feel great, others I have to slowly straighten up.


So I’m always looking for something to help. I’ve had it x-ray(ed) and yeah it’s not pretty but no bulging disk just stiffness. Well I’ve recently discovered “The Back Doctor.” Well, I need to back up  and  give you the full story:

1. I found this website and tried this routine.  I like it the best  and I feel a difference (click here)

2.Because I did not know what a McKenzie Press up was/is I found “The Back Doctor” here


3. Finally “The Back Doctor” led me to Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo. I personally think it’s a great explanation.


Maybe something good will come of this. I personally am not fond of acting old nor do I want to feel old.


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