26 days till NWM 26.2

Yes there really is 26 more days of me asking this!
I don’t know if I can make 26 days! Apparently 26 is my lucky number (although I got married at 25. Close enough in that case). Yes I’ve been waiting till I could say on here………26 days till I run 26.2 I’m cheesy like that. Besides I can’t stand it.  Like I’m REALLY excited!
I realized today rather than being worried about how I’m going to do in this marathon I’m excited. Which is completely out of the normal for me. In case you don’t know, I’m a worrier.  Since I didn’t have to plan my own training schedule this time and my only requirement was to run when asked I guess the worry I normally experience is not necessary. The nice thing about letting somebody else do all the worrying and planning is just showing up and doing what I’m asked to do.  It’s a nice feeling.
I just pray I don’t bomb when it’s showtime.  Like down on my knees praying hard.
However as of right now, working with a running coach is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done for my running.  It’s nice to be excited and know I’ll be ready.  When I asked for help I just knew I had possibly two marathons coming up and I suddenly felt like I didn’t have any direction.  Even though I was talked down to just one marathon I still had one goal, that was to finish  and finish strong. He’s definetly turned my running around.  I’ve gone from running2 minutes and walking a minute ratio to running a mile and walking a minute. In just a month!  I’ve even shaved like 2 minutes off my time (something like that). So not only has he given me direction but he really gave me success on a sort of unspoken goal. To not walk so much during a mile.
It’s also been a great mental training experience.  When I turned all of my worries over to someone else I instantly felt lighter. More free.  I’m not exaggerating. I honestly smile when I run now. I’m not carrying nearly the amount of stress I once did.  My running coach, dare I say, is my new security blanket!
If  any part of your running is weighing you down then I highly recommend that you find your self a running coach. I don’t know if they’re all as good as mine but if they are you won’t regret it!
p.s. My blog is not letting me edit my paragraphs. Sorry it looks like it does. Hopefully it will behave itself in the future!

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